Hotels in Ko Phi Phi

Hotels on Ko Phi Phi are generally overpriced and bad value for money compared with other places in Thailand. This is not just because of island infrastructure issues - expense of bringing supplies over from the mainland, generated electricity, lack of fresh water and proper sewage disposal etc. - but because of a peculiar, very non-Thai, bad attitude that seems to be almost island-wide.

Most hotels and resorts in Phi Phi are located in or near the tourist villageService varies from average to poor and even surly, rooms are often badly maintained and, because of the lack of communal infrastructure (or the will to make it happen), your hotel - although nice - could be next to a garbage dump or even the open sewer of the next door hotel. The exception to this rule are the very expensive and exclusive resorts on the northern beaches of Phi Phi Don, where you can expect normal 4 - 5 star standards.

The general feeling seems to be "we have a beautiful place here and people will come no matter what, so it is not up to us to put in any effort". This is a real shame, and can be attributed in part to the very high turnover of guests (average length of stay is 1-2 nights) and in part to the type of visitors the island has had in the past - when the majority of your customers are rude, drunken louts, it is little wonder that a bad feeling has developed between staff and guests.

So why stay here at all? It is easy to visit the islands on a day trip from Krabi, Phuket or even Ko Lanta. Well, for the reason stated above: the place is truly beautiful (off the main island in particular) and staying here, even for one night, will allow you to see many places that the one-day tour operators from the mainland do not visit. And many people are happy to make the compromise of overpriced rooms / amazing location; others, who come to party, don't really mind where they lay their head. The result is that during high season (November to April), there is often a shortage of rooms on Phi Phi, and it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance, otherwise your chosen hotel or resort may be full when you arrive.

Below we list some hotels you may like to stay in when in Ko Phi Phi. Please note: these hotels are "recommended" within the general limitations of Phi Phi accommodation noted above. Note that this list has not been updated since 2011, so you may wish to check more recent sources for other / newer accommodation.

Phi Phi Villa Resort
Andaman Beach Resort
Phi Phi Andaman Legacy Resort
Phi Phi Natural Resort (Laem Tong Beach)
Phi Phi Erawan Palms Resort (Laem Tong Beach)

Though accommodation in the main village of Ko Phi Phi was limited for a couple of years after the tsunami, many hotels that were destroyed by the waves have now decided to rebuild (those with minimal or superficial damage were open as normal within months of the disaster). The promised post-tsunami re-zoning plan for the island (into safe and unsafe areas for accommodation) failed to emerge and many hotel owners just got sick of waiting (and losing income), so without official permission they began construction. Thus the "hole" in the middle of the twin bays is slowly being refilled.

For more on Phi Phi, the tsunami, and the political situation, see our guide to post-tsunami Phi Phi, as well as the pictures of Phi Phi gallery.

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