Activities and things to do in Ko Phi Phi

Because the Phi Phi Islands' attractions are all natural, it should come as little surprise that all of the daytime activities on offer are outdoors-y and often quite sporty, although you don't have to be very fit to try them out.

Snorkeling and scuba diving in Phi PhiThe most popular activity by far is scuba diving and there are more than ten dive schools on the island of Phi Phi Don. All offer fun dives around Phi Phi, as well as further afield down to Koh Lanta, and the usual courses if you wish to learn or improve your skills. If you don't dive, snorkelling is a must and can be done from some beaches, on any boat tour (see below), or for early risers on the famous "snorkelling with sharks" trip - a dawn excursion to see the rare (harmless) blacktip reef sharks just off of Long Beach (Hat Yao).

Sporty, fit people can also go kayaking around the coastline (the distance between islands is too far to be manageable by paddle power), either by renting by the hour from the shop on Lohdalum Bay, or on a guided tour (the sunset trip is nice). They can also try their hand at rock climbing (training provided for beginners) or even cliff jumping (an exhilarating drop from the top of a sheer rockface into the sea, with complimentary video of the event).

Sunset kayak in Lohdalum BayFor a more relaxing day, go on one of the longtail boat tours (or charter your own boat) around the islands. You will visit Phi Phi Leh island, Bamboo Island and possibly Mosquito Island (if you charter your own boat and request it) with snorkelling and beach stops. Equipment and lunch is provided on the tours. If you prefer to charter your own boat (around 2000 baht for the day) you will need to bring your own.

It is also possible to use the longtail boat service as a water taxi to take you to a specific beach and back again for the day; talk with the boatmen who stay around the pier in Ton Sai, they will be able to arrange this and give you a price. People who stay on the northern beaches often use this service to come into "town".

Phi Phi ViewpointIf you don't have much time in Phi Phi, consider the essentials to be a (minimum) half-day tour of the islands and a walk up to the viewpoint, accesible from the main village of Ton Sai. From here you can see the famous 'twin bays' view that's on all the postcards. The walk takes about 20 minutes and, apart from a set of very steep steps at the beginning, is not too hard. Climbing shoes are not required as the walkway is paved all the way to the top.

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