Maps of Ko Phi Phi

Map of Ton Sai Village on Phi Phi Don Island
This map of Phi Phi shows the main village of Phi Phi Don, also known as Ton Sai Village - the built-up area that lies between the twin bays of Ton sai and Lohdalum. The main path runs along the coast on Ton Sai beach, then there is a criss-cross of streets where mosts of the restaurants and bars are located. Beach bars can be found further out along the main path, in the direction of (but not arriving at) Hat Yao.

A distinctive landmark in the village is the marlin statue, the 3m high golden fish outside Phi Phi Banyan Villa on the main street.

On the other side of the island, along Lohdalum Bay, the paths are more like tracks in the sand, but there is a clearly marked route to the viewpoint.

Map of the Phi Phi Islands This map shows the six islands in the Phi Phi group: Ko Phi Phi Don (the biggest and only inhabited island); Ko Phi Phi Leh; Bamboo Island (Ko Pai); Mosquito Island (Ko Yung); Ko Bida Nok; and Ko Bida Nai.

The word 'Ko' simply means 'island' in Thai and is used as a prefix to the island's name. Sometimes written 'Koh', it is actually pronounced like the Engish word 'got', without the 't'.

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